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 Reset Page Counter for Samsung SCX-4300

The SAMSUNG SCX-4300 is small, yet powerful. Despite its diminutive 16.00″ x 14.25″ x 9.10″ dimensions, it cranks out 600 x 600 dpi documents at a rate of 19 ppm. It also has a monthly duty cycle of 10000 pages. The SCX-4300 is versatile, too, with ID Card, Auto Fit, N-up, Clone and Poster copy modes. And a rich matte black finish gives a contemporary feel to your workplace. With the SAMSUNG SCX-4300, it’s not hard to imagine. But how to ResetCounter for it? Here’s it
1. First, download below tool as RAR and extract compressed file.
2. Run fix.bat and get an Command Line Screen, Press Enter. You will get FIX_SCX4300_V1.13_Fact_romdl.hd
  • Press <MENU> again, LCD show DATA SETUP
  • Press <OK> and <RIGHT> until LCD show FLASH UPGRADE -> Select LOCAL and Press <OK>
3. Run download.bat, and wait for a few seconds.
Notice: If your printer ‘s not responded for long time you can turn it off and on again. You can have to re-install printer driver for it.
4. Continue to do steps below:
  • Press <MENU> again, LCD show CLEAR COUNTERS -> CLEAR ALL CNT -> <OK>
  • Wait for RED light is on and turn off your printer.
5. And now use a pickup tool or what thing in your hand remove counter chip on toner cartridge out. It’s OK now!
Now good luck and anything else please comment here!

Download Reset Counter for SCX-4300

 Reset Page Counter for Samsung ML-1660


Now I have not gotten any Samsung ML-1660, but I have method to reset page counter Samsung ML 1660 for you. So that, you must to do this with your own risk. Remember, don’t turn off your printer when reflashing. Try as below:
1. Download Flash ROM bin file at the end.
2. When download completed, unzip it and you will get two files  usbprns2 and FIX_ML-1660_v.82.00.78
3. Make sure that your printer connected to your computer completely.
4. Drag and drop file FIX_ML-1660_v.82.00.78 to usbprns2
5. Wait for reflash until green light is on. Don’t turn off your printer when reflashing. Light will go RED to ORGAN and GREEN, just wait!
And congratulation! Your printer have been resetted
Download : here
PS: There’s a new method but it’s not tested. You can try it:
- Cover Vcc pin on Toner Chip with tape
- Put you cartridge into printer and turn it on.
- Red light will be on, but you can print out normally.

Try it and Good luck!

 Reset Page Counter for Samsung ML-2510


Samsung ML-2510, when you insert a new toner printer sends a pulse on the fuse and it blows, and samsung detects new toner has been installed with starter toner cartridge. And this is the way Samsung tell user must replace toner with new.
You can try this:

- You should purchase a reset fuse with 250mAh and 3/4″ inch long (20 mm) round glass with metal ends like this.
- The electrical contacts are not in the cartridge but inside the printer: There is a plastic fuse holder on the cartridge, even the starter cartridge. You just simply pop it into the holder. This will stop the flashing red LED and the system tray will say the cartridge is full.
This way is applied to refill toner cartridge.

 Reset Page Counter for Samsung ML-1660

Samsung ML-1640, a compact and cheep price and suitable for home and small office, has a starter Toner Cartridge can print maximum about 700 pages. It’s very easy to refill but it will make you mad sometimes when red light is on. So what’s happen? Samsung (maybe me if I made it :lol: ) don’t like customers refill tone cartridge so they placed a counter chip on mainboard. If you are an technican, it will be very easy (how to do, I will post up later). There many of articles about how to reset Samsung ML-1640, but I think almost of its are all fail because Samsung has changed Counter Chips and Firmware (from .83 to .93). After a long time I have resetted alot of Samsung ML-1640, I wanna give to all this tool. All free!
This tool has two batch files have been named step1.bat and step2.bat to make all thing become easy. Everything you need have just do step by step as Readme.txt and wait for self reflashing routing active.
How to check firmware version?
- Turn on your printer (red light still on).
- Press and hold down until data light on.
- Your printer will printe out self test page. Read carefully to find out what’s your firmware version. Good luck!
- Do it with your own risk.
- Don’t turn off printer when reflashing.

- If red light still is on, you can turn of your printer and start to reflash from begin.
- If you can not make anything better, go to Samsung website and download reflash tool (ML1640_V1010083.exe) to reflash it back to very first firmware version.

Download here

Reset Samsung All-in-One SCX-4521F

1. Press MENU # 1 9 3 4 in sequence rapidly. The LCD panel should now display TECH.
2. Press MENU, and then press ENTER. The LCD panel will display Tech Mode.
3. Press the left arrow (<) button once. The operator panel will display NEW CARTRIDGE.
4. Press ENTER. The operator panel will display [YES].
5. Press ENTER. The toner warning message should be gone.
6. To exit TECH MODE, press MENU # 1 9 3 4 in rapid succession, as if you were dialing a phone number. The operator panel should no longer display TECH.
If problem persists, there may actually be a problem with either the toner cartridge or the SCX-4216F.

It works for SCX-4521F